Links MAKARONI Photostudio and artspace
Facebook: Makaroni - CANDYLAND is an exhibition space in Stockholm since February 2004. It is run by nine people who take turns in producing art exhibitions: Malou Bergman, Nadja Ekman, Mattias Larson, Tess Oweson, Alex Pacheco, Jean Ploteau, Andreas Ribbung, Johanna Ringertz & Johan von Schreeb. Facebook: Candyland - GLIMPSE is Malou Bergman, Nadja Ekman & Mattias Larson. GLIMPSE started as a mobile digital photo studio equipped with a mixture of sculptural and inspiring outfits and sound system with the purpose to inspire creativity.
Since 2003 GLIMPSE has participated in festivals and exhibited its work in museums and gallery spaces, experimenting in the fields of photography, video and installation art. Facebook: Glimpse Mobile Studio - HAMMARBY ARTPORT, HAP (2006-2012)  was a place of work, which was open to public some of the time. On those occasions you could see art exhibitions or take part in other forms of artistic experiences. Along side of temporary exhibitions, a number of works by innovative artists were represented in a showroom where the works under exhibit are continuously changed. HAP also served as a group of visual arts consultants.